1. tommylinsley

    Your own documentation and even WordPress respository direct me to this barren page when I click to “Custom Favicon Plugin” FAQ and also this same barren page for Support. What’s the deal???

    Curiously enough, this comment section says “No one has commented yet”. What a surprise?

  2. Wang Yifei

    On the setting page of Custom Favicon there are four different images. Could someone please explain to me what they are and their respective size? Thanks!!

    • harishchouhan

      Hello Wang. The labels are next to each upload field. Its for uploading favicon hence the smaller the better for first 2 fields (General Favicon for frontend & backend) and for remaining 2 are for Apple devices (Frontend & Backend) hence they need to be larger.

  3. Etienne

    Hi, I’ve got a problem with uploading images for my apple touch icon. I am in in the Custom Favicon Settings but the “Upload an image”-Buttons don’t work. What should i do?

    • harishchouhan

      Hi. Thanks for pointing it out. There was some issue with JS file after yesterday’s changed. I have just fixed it and released and update. Once you update you would be able to upload images for the custom favicon. Let me know if you run across any other issue.

  4. Mike

    Thanks very much for this simple and useful plugin. At first I had difficulty finding it but once I found it under Dashboard/Settings, the implementation was very easy!

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