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I Recommend This

– taking forward the work of Benoit “LeBen” Burgener

This plugin allows your visitors to simply Recommend/like your posts instead of commment it. I wanted a tumblr like feature and wanted something similar for WordPress.


Benoit “LeBen” Burgener had created a similar plugin that works similarly like the like feature on tumblr. However its development has been discontinued. I had customized the CSS of this plugin to make it work a little more like tumblr and had requests by few other developers the code. So after taking permission from Benoit for further development of the plugin I have recently applied at WordPress to create a new plugin with the updated code.

This plugin include

  • A counter/button to display the number of “like” and to vote.
  • A widget and a function to display the X most liked posts.
  • A preference pane with some options

If you are interested in this plugin (the way its used on this website, simply leave a comment below with your email so I could get back to you with the download file)



You can download this from here

Please post your comments so we can enhance this plugin together as  a community.


LATEST UPDATE: Version 2.4.1

If you wish to customize the link color, recommend image (heart), you can do so by using below classes in your style sheet. make sure to add !important to every style.



Tips & Tricks:

How to Remove the Icon:

  1. Go to the Plugin Settings page “I recommend this” under “Settings” menu.
  2. Check the “Disable CSS” checkbox
  3. Add below CSS code to your theme’s stylesheet.
.dot-irecommendthis {
 padding:0 0 0 10px;
 border: 0 !important;
 margin-bottom: 10px;
 display: inline-block;
 text-decoration: none;
.dot-irecommendthis:hover, {
 color: #F56559 !important;

[wpws url=”” selector=”td .last-child” user_agent=”Bot at” on_error=”error_show”]

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  1. thetruthshallsetyoufreeindeed

    Hi, how do you filter unique likes? Is it just via username?
    We have a private site for our company and we’re using one single Internet/Public IP, and once a user liked a post the others can’t like the post anymore.

    Please help.

    • harishchouhan

      Hello currently we filter unique likes using IP. And I understand how it would affect you if all users have a single IP.
      I am rolling out an update soon that wll allow users to disable the IP requirement. The update would be released before the end of this month, maybe sooner.

      • thetruthshallsetyoufreeindeed

        This is great news! Will look forward to this, hopefully the feature to filter by username can be considered too. :)

  2. Ash

    Can you please give me the CSS code to make the heart twice as big and in different color if possible? I am a complete noob at css. thanks and awaiting your response. Great plugin btw. Can’t wait for the update.

    • harishchouhan


      The current CSS code is

      .dot-irecommendthis {
      background:url(../images/default.png) 0 0px no-repeat;
      padding:0 0 0 20px;
      border: 0 !important;
      margin-bottom: 10px;
      display: inline-block;
      text-decoration: none;
      .dot-irecommendthis:hover, { background-position:0 -24px; color: #F56559 !important; }

      You would have to add your own class and your own heart image.

  3. 倡萌 胡

    I translate it into Simple Chinese, Named it ,and put it in this plugin‘s languages folder, but It doesn’t work.

  4. Timo

    i want to filter unique votes via ip saving. because users could have disabled cookies. then they can vote unlimited.
    but i want to know if the table with the ip adresses is cleared after 24 hours or something like this. because an other user can have an ip adress the other day from an user who already voted.
    can u say me something about this?

    • harishchouhan

      Currently the IP address records are saved permanently. You can write your own script or plugin to remove all records from the table in which the IP’s are saved.

    • harishchouhan

      Hi. Under “Settings” menu you would find a sub menu titled “I Recommend This”. From here you can disable the automated display on posts by unchecking the Automatically display on “Posts” checkbox.

  5. How would I display just the number of recommendations (not the button)? I would like to put this on my main page next to comments. Example: 3 Comments – 5 Recommendations. Is there a function i can use to accomplish this?

  6. Hope someone can assist, I’m getting the following error when clicking on the “like” link: Fatal error: Call to undefined function remove_filter() also I don’t see any thumb or heart images next to the 0.

  7. ystream

    Hi ,

    I have a front page that has displays thumbnails and excerpts from all posts (see ) . I have added this to my loop inside:

    The thumb shows up but all thumbs are using the same post ID , and thus all thumbs display the same count. As if it doesn’t get the specific post’s id.
    How can I get this right?



  8. Emil

    Hi! Thanks for a very nice plugin. I ran into some trouble with it however. If you click to vote very fast multiple times it registers several votes. I’m using this for a contest currently and I’m afraid someone will discover this and use it to cheat. Can I solve it with some code perhaps? There’s a delay between clicking and the text turning unclickable, can this delay be removed altogether? Thanks for any help with this!

          • Emil

            Would you consider discussing this issue with me over e-mail? I’d post a link but the site is live so it’s kind of a sensitive issue.

          • Emil

            I fixed it by changing this:

            if(link.hasClass(‘active’)) return false;

            To this:

            if(link.hasClass(‘active’)) return false;

            I tested it in all browsers and my problem seems to have vanished. I guess by adding active directly after the click I prevented the “cheat”. Hopefully this new code doesn’t bite me in the ass 😀

    • harishchouhan

      Hi. As of now since the plugin allows guest voting, its hard to get users name. In future will create a similar plugin for logged in user. No time set for it, but I hope to work on it soon.

  9. Stein Peeters

    Hi, I have a wordpress image gallery that I’m using. I would like to use this plugin to add hearts to all images. Is there any way to get this done?

    • harishchouhan

      Nice idea. The plugin won’t be useful as-is in your case. But if you are a developer you could customize the plugin. WordPress saves each image as an attachment (post type) and since the like button is generated dynamically by pulling the post ID from the loop if you find a way to somehow pass the post ID (of image attachment) then it could work.

        • harishchouhan


          As you would know, to manually place the like button, you have to use this

          Can you somehow retrieve the ID of the attachment and include it in the above code like and test. If this works, you won’t have to do anything else.

          • Guest

            I tried it first with a number like you did ’10’ but in the code I can see that the post ID is still used:

          • Stein Peeters

            I tried it first with a number like you did ’10’ but in the code I can see that the post ID is still used: id = dot-irecommendthis-1092

            You can check it on

          • harishchouhan

            Hi. I tried it locally. A correction, the ID can be supplied only when using shortcode. So please visit use that code. But make sure to replace the ID value with the respective image attachment ID. Do let me know once you have it online, and I will share the link on the plugin page so others can see.

  10. Bigrice

    Thanks for the plugin. I wonder if I can use this plugin on Woocommerce product catalog/shop page? B/c I hope the visitors can ‘recommand’ the product.

    Thank you

    • harishchouhan

      Hi @disqus_K3OxURiClP:disqus. Yes the plugin can work with WooCommerce products. WooCommerce products are similar to posts and saved in same database tables. You would just have to copy the code and drop in your WooCommerce template.

  11. xinwenfeed

    Wouldn’t it be super cool if the “most recommended posts” could be a ‘post category’ , that could be displayed apart from the sidebar list ??

    • harishchouhan

      Hi, that is actually a very nice suggestion. I am not sure how much time it would take as many are using it for CPT. But I will surely look into this.

    • Hello Patricia,
      Thank you for using the plugin. There is no restrictions regarding number of likes. If the numbers do not fit in your design, you simply would have to add your own CSS to style the like count.

    • Hello Jodi, to be able to customize, first you would have to display automated display using the plugins settings page under the main “Settings” menu. After that you would have to edit the individual theme files or add a custom function in your functions.php to do conditional checks and then below code within that check
      < ?php if( function_exists('dot_irecommendthis') ) dot_irecommendthis(); ?>
      I would not recommend this unless you understand WordPress functions.

  12. Hi

    Just wanted to say hanks for the plugin and keep up the good work…

    I’m trying to display my top liked posts in a similar way to that of my content on which uses the “Posts for Page Plugin” and a hack to hide all content that I don’t need… and was thinking that your plugin may help me to get something similar on my front page which is a or uses a bitmap a present as a placeholder.

    So hope you are working on a way to display the wanted content from a post in your Shortcode
    [dot_recommended_posts container=’div’ number=’5′ data-seg1=”thumbs” paged=”true”]

    • Hello Frank, thanks for your comment. The feature you are asking for is not planned at the moment. It’s a simple plugin for a specific use case, which is to allow users to like a post. So all future features would only be related to this and nothing else.

  13. Hi!
    Your plugin was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
    I still do have a question, is it possible to see the heart not only by going on an article, but also juste in my home page at the end of all the articles? (I’m showing entire articles on my HP, not only excerpts)
    (excuse my poor english)


  14. Pete

    Hi Harish,
    I’m trying to get a percentage of liked in relation to the other posts. So as well as the count for a post I need a total of likes on the site. Any suggestions how to get this? I thought about something but will be a dirty workaround rather than a clean implementation.


    • Hello Pete,
      My suggestions for your requirements might not be a clean implementation too. As you would have to go through the entire database to search for the custom field that saves votes for each post, combine and than get the percentage.

  15. Ed

    I was wondering whether it would be possible to organise the most recommended posts of the day in a page of thumbnails, as is done on the popular site .

    The main problem that I have in achieving something to this effect is organising the posts, which are currently organised through a generic gallery, in order of most recommended, and how I would assign a time frame to the posts displayed e.g. posts less than a day old, or the posts which had been upvoted the most of the day.

    Thank you in advance

      • Hello Ed,
        The plugin offers just 1 functionality which is to allow users to like a post. So everything else is out of scope. If you are a developer you could go through the plugin code and enhance it to get functionality like, etc. The plugin does offer a basic functionality of showing top voted posts in a particular month.

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