WordPress for my Clients

Plugin is pending for approval on WordPress.org and download link would be shared sooon

This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by hiding non essential wp-admin components adding support for custom login logo and favicon for website and admin pages.


  • Hides non essential elements in the WordPress admin such as dashboard widgets and menu items.

More features planned for next update:

  • Adds ability to upload a custom logo for the login screen
  • Adds ability to upload and set custom Favicon for your WordPress site and the WordPress admin.

8 thoughts on “WordPress for my Clients

  1. ScooterRunner

    1. It looks like the plugin can now be downloaded, so the note at the top of this page needs to be updated.

    2. The plugin seems to be not providing the following:

    1. harishchouhan

      Hi, I am in the process of setting up the site with the final design so did not update. Thanks for pointing it out.
      Regarding the apple icons, can you specify what you exactly mean?

          1. harishchouhan

            Hi, Please visit this link ww.dreamsonline.net/blog/ and let me know if on your Apple device you could see the Touch icon. Its same as the one you shared.

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